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NEW! Double Deep™

Smallmouth And Spotted Bass Spinnerbait

  • Lifelike Baitfish Profile - 3D Eyes & Accentuated Gills
  • Runs Deep On Fast Retrieves
  • Tuned Stainless Wire with Quick-Change Blade Feature
  • Sampo® Ball-Bearing Swivel
  • 1 ounce Tin Body

Product Know-How

The Double Deep was designed to keep the bait down deep on fast retrieves for small mouth bass and is deadly in deep open water for all types of bass, muskie, other large game fish as well. Liflelike baitfish profile - 3D eyes and accentuated gills. Runs deep on fast retieves. Tuned stainless wire with Quick-Change blade feature. Sampo ball-bearing swivel. 1 oz weight. Tandem willow leaf blades size 3 and 4. Available in 11 colors.

11 Available Finishes

  • 11

Available Sizes

  • 1 oz