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Hildebrandt® Finesse Walleye Spinner

Trolling Spinner Designed For Clear Water Applications

  • Pre-Snelled w/Fluorocarbon Leader - 60 inches of 15 lbs Test
  • Two Fish - Attracting Red Hooks
  • Designed for Tipping with Worm or Leech

Product Know-How

More often than not, walleye are pretty shy. That's when the Finesse Walleye Spinner from Hildebrandt takes center stage. Draw trophy walleye from the weeds and structure right into the net. Pre-snelled with 60 inches of 15 lbs. test fluorocarbon leader on size 1, and 60 inches of 12 lbs. test fluorocarbon leader on size 2. Both feature genuine Hildebrandt blades. Designed for tipping with worms or leeches.

8 Available Finishes

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Available Sizes

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