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  • Sizes Dive 18, 30 and 50 Feet
  • Heavy Duty Corrosion Resistant Finishes and Rigging
  • Perform at Medium to Fast Speeds — up to 10-MPH

Product Know-How

Now available in three sizes, Worden’s Sea Tiger is an American Revolution in hardbait design. Featuring an incredibly realistic design with more details than any lure of it’s kind the Sea Tiger has a natural swimming action at both high and low speeds. The smallest Sea Tiger is open chambered and has sliding weights internally that transfer forward to back helping to create long casts and an amazing 18ft dive on 10l;b test monofilament. And it will troll an easy 25-30ft! The medium size Sea Tiger will dive to 30ft and can be trolled at speeds up to 10mph. The largest Sea Tiger is designed to reach trolling depths of 50ft and, like all of the Sea Tiger models, it is built to handle the toughest sport fish…in saltwater or in fresh water. All Sea Tiger models are available in a wide range of colors to match most fresh and saltwater forage fish>

13 Available Finishes

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Available Sizes

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