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Spin-N-Glo® Kokanee Rig

Pre-Snelled Kokanee Trolling Rig

  • UV Impregnated "Yamashita" Squid Body
  • Double Red Hook Design Nabs Short Striking Fish
  • Pre-snelled Fluorocarbon Leader/10-pound Test
  • Design Facilitates Bait Tipping

Product Know-How

Pre-Snelled Kokanee Trolling Rig. Spin-N-Glo as Attractor. Genuine "Yamashita" 1-1/2 inch Squid Body. Pre-snelled Fluorocarbon Leader/10 Pound Test. Two Fish Attracting Red Hooks. The original winged drift bobber Worden’s Spin-N-Glo has been a favorite of anglers for decades. The Spin-N-Glo spins in the slightest of currents adding flotation and motion to any fishing rig. The buoyant Spin-N-Glo floats bait right where Kokanee feed.

10 Available Finishes

  • 10

Available Sizes

  • 10
  • 12