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Poe’s Keeps You in the Strike Zone Every Time.

Poe’s began way back in the 1950’s with Milton Poe carving his beautiful cedar lures by hand. And Poe’s Premium Wood crankbaits are still crafted from cedar for one reason: cedar stays in the strike zone longer. With numerous tournament wins credited to Poe’s, our approach has been simple and steadfast: continue to produce durable, consistent-running, hand-crafted crankbaits and topwater baits with the most appealing profiles and colors available. Every element of every bait has been thoroughly designed and tested to deliver the results you expect—and all in cedar—so your bait stays in that zone that turns lookers into biters!

Hand-crafted, hand painted Cedar Wood Tuna/Albacore Bait comes rigged and ready or unrigged for the angler who wants to tie their own.

This hand-crafted, hand painted Cedar Top Water Walker comes in two sizes and is a killer topwater bait for big pike, musky, and other trophy fish.