Tested, designed and approved by professionals who have a passion for fishing!

Since 1934 Yakima Bait has been dedicated to making the best quality lures on the market. Yakima Bait is a team of dedicated professionals and fishermen who are out on the water doing what they love, creating the next best fishing experience for anglers for years to come. With Iconic products like the Rooster Tail®, FlatFish®, Spin-N-Glo®, Lil’ Corky®, Mag Lip®, SpinFish™ and Hildebrandt® , Yakima Bait makes products that stand the test of time!

Rooster Tail®

The World’s Most Versatile Multi Species Lure of all time!


Designed by Charlie Helin in the early 1900’s the FlatFish is the ultimate slow trolling, shallow diving, wide wiggling plug on the market.


Patented bait/scent-holding UV trolling plug that fish will DEVOUR.

Mag Lip®

Extra deep-diving rattle/UV salmon, steelhead, trout and walleye plugs with an erratic, darting “Skip-Beat Action” that produces savage strikes.

Lil’ Corky ®

This buoyant egg imitation drift bobber can be fished by themselves, in conjunction with bait, as buoyant beads for trolling harnesses and spinners, or as a strike indicator while fly fishing.


A buoyant noise producing Spinner/Bait Floater that yields strike producing action & vibration that is great for casting, drifting, trolling, backtrolling and plunking.


All of our Walleye rigs were designed by professional walleye fisherman from the Northwest to the Great Lakes. With 7 different styles of bait trolling rigs to choose from for every condition, this is your one stop walleye shop!


Hildebrandt, long known for its exceptional spinner blades, has been "Foolin' Fish Since 1899". A leader in the use of alternative metals, Hildebrandt tailors the use of tin, bismuth and other metals to specific applications. Better design, materials, finish and cosmetic enhancements sets Hildebrandt spinnerbaits, spinners and of course Premium Blades apart from all others and it's a difference that shows!


Our Trout and Kokanee gear has been designed with all of the fish catching qualities every angler is looking for. The right colors, best components and unmatched action make our Trout/Kokanee gear top of the line to the fish and fisherman.

Big Al’s Fish Flash® No Drag Flasher® It’s No Drag®

Fish Flash® No Drag Flasher® It’s No Drag® - Our No Drag in line flasher attracts fish from the deep, uv injected bodies, glo edge finishes, fish catching colors, durable lexan plastic, stainless steel grommets and premium dual ball bearing swivels make the Fish Flash easy to fish and the best in line flasher in the game.

Salmon/Steelhead Spinners

We offer a unique variety of casting and trolling spinners for every spinner fisherman's tackle box. Flash Glo®, Toman®, Mulkey®, Hildebrandt®, Bud’s® and of course Rooster Tail® are all proven fish catching spinners. With maximum vibration, high quality hooks and colors fish love, we have a salmon spinner for every occasion.


Hand crafted cedar lures for both large saltwater and freshwater species, custom built, custom painted, manufactured by professionals that know how to build cedar lures.

Salmon/Steelhead Jigs

Featuring pre-sharpened Heavy Duty Hooks and dressed or undressed heads, all of our jigs and jig heads have cleaned eyelets for easy rigging, strong hooks for big fish and colors that fish and fisherman agree on!