All New Smaller Spinfish® for Trout, Kokanee and More


Yakima Baits Know-How Report: All New Smaller Spinfish® for Trout, Kokanee and More

Most anglers understand that scent is a major factor in achieving shing success; thus the popularity of using real bait, with additional scents like Pro-cure or NEW Rooster Tail Scent Spray to your favorite lures.

Having a lure designed to produce a lively, throbbing, sonic-producing action that can be easily filled with any live, fresh or prepared bait was the concept behind the development of the SpinFish® trolling plug. SpinFish is a pull-apart lure featuring a patented “Easy-Fill” bait chamber that disperses scent as it’s pulled through the water column. SpinFish produces a wounded, spinning baitfish action that will handle trolling speeds ranging from 1/2 to four MPH.

And while SpinFish has been on the market for a few years in a three and four inch sizes, what’s new are 2.0 and 2.5 (2 and 2-1/2 inch) versions, rigged and ready to fish. And while these new smaller sizes will produce results when trolling for trout, kokanee, walleye, perch, trophy-size crappie and more, they will produce big fish too.

It’s easy to add bait and/or scent to SpinFish; just pull the lure halves apart, add your favorite fresh or live bait to the internal chamber and push the halves back together. And while the most productive bait might be one fish are feeding on like worm, leech, crawdad, grasshopper, or fish eggs, prepared bait like Pro-Cure Fish Nip work too as does canned tuna fish. To keep old or fouled smells away it’s important to clean this lure thoroughly after use.

You should realize this lure produces a more lifelike/aggressive action if you don’t over stuff the bait chamber. Fill the back half of the bait chamber only. And, because your leader is threaded through both lure ends, there is just no way (bar a line break) you can lose or misplace the lure halves. In addition, SpinFish can be re-rigged to spin clockwise or counter-clockwise depending on which pull-point hole your leader is threaded through.
Pre-rigged and ready to fish, SpinFish can be rigged 36-to-60 inch behind a conventional trolling sinker or bottom walker. For control depth fishing with a downrigger try positioning your SpinFish, or SpinFish rigged in combination with a flasher, 10 feet behind your line release.

Denis Isbister with caught trout

Here is what Denis Isbister host of Wild Fish Wild Places TV fame had to say after first using SpinFish:
“Catching trout and perch with the smaller SpinFish almost seemed unfair as the bites were so aggressive and frequent! The extreme action and scent combination delivered hard strikes almost as fast as we could get our gear in the water. These new smaller sizes are a huge win for anglers everywhere.”


SpinFish Lake Troll rigging


SpinFish with Dodger rigging


SpinFish with Flash rigging

Kokanee prefer the faster action a dodger or flasher provides but due to SpinFish producing a lot of its own action a 16-to-24 inch leader might perform best.

SpinFish 2.5 and 2.0 product photos

SpinFish will work when trolled in combination with a rotating flasher which will add a pulsating action to this already lively lure. Finding the most productive leader length may take some experimentation with leader ranging from 18 to 48 inches likely within the productive zone.

To reduce/eliminate line/leader twist always use in combination with quality swivel, which can be positioned halfway down your leader or a few feet from the lure. And while SpinFish comes rigged with double single hooks snelled in tandem, this lure can be rigged in combination with a single siwash, double single or treble hook(s). For a consistent spin remember to position a plastic bead on your leader between your SpinFish and hook.

SpinFish on caught fish

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