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Fat Wiggler™


  • Large Lip for Extra Deep Dive
  • Wide Wiggle “Skip Beat” Action
  • NEW UV Finishes Available

Product Know-How

Magnum Fat Wiggler™

Worden’s Magnum Fat Wiggler™ was created with big fish in mind. With an extra wide wiggle and a diving depth of 18ft, the Magnum Fat Wiggler™ has a super strong one piece lip and body and tough, molded in hook hangers and lip line tie to handle the hardest fighting fish around. The wide, wide wiggle and over 60 color combinations makes the Magnum Fat Wiggler™ a great lure for a variety of game fish.

Fat Wiggler™

Worden’s Original Fat Wiggler™ is the first plug designed specifically to provide an extremely wide wiggle at super slow trolling speeds yet will maintain stability and run straight in currents and at high trolling speeds. The Fat Wiggler™ features a one piece molded body and lip and multiple rattles for added attraction. Introduced just a few years ago, the Fat Wiggler™ has quickly become a favorite for salmon, steelhead, bass and other game fish.

Lil’ Fat Wiggler™

The Lil’ Fat Wiggler™ has a wide, wide wiggle at low, low speeds, but can handle both high speeds and strong currents if necessary. With the same design features as the bigger Fat Wiggler™ models, the Lil’ Fat Wiggler™ is a versatile crankbait for game fish of all sizes. The little crankbait’s strong construction and large lip allow the use of various hook riggings from small size 6 hooks on the body to larger size 4 and size 2 on the tail only.

69 Available Finishes

  • 69

Available Sizes

  • 1/4 oz.
  • 1/2 oz.
  • 1 oz.


warning icon WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm.
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