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Spin-N-Glo® Kokanee Rig

Pre-Snelled Kokanee Trolling Rig

  • UV Impregnated "Yamashita" Squid Body
  • Double Red Hook Design Nabs Short Striking Fish
  • Pre-snelled Fluorocarbon Leader/10-pound Test
  • Design Facilitates Bait Tipping

Product Know-How

This pre-snelled Kokanee trolling rig features the buoyancy and sonic vibration of a Spin-N-Glo body combined with a genuine UV impregnated "Yamashita" squid featuring lifelike tentacle action which is further enhanced via a glo-in-the-dark Lil Corky having been placed inside the squid head. The Lil Corky provides deep water glo attraction through the semi-translucent squid head and facilitates a darting squid wobble when pulled through the water. These components are threaded onto a 10-pound test invisible fluorocarbon leader snelled to two (2) hook-and-hold ‘em fish attracting red hooks. The Spin-N-Glo spins, the squid head darts, while the squid tentacles flutter at the slow troll speeds Kokanee prefer. For Kokanee, rig 12 inches behind Fast Limit Kokanee Dodger and troll at 1.5 MPH.

10 Available Finishes

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Available Sizes

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warning icon WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm.
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