Rooster Tail® The Proof.

The World’s Most Versatile, Multi-Species Lure™.

The Rooster Tail® Photo Contest produced thousands of photos documenting great catches on Rooster Tail spinners. Over 50 different species of fish were submitted and are shown below.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this first-ever event. But, we’re not done yet. Photos are good. Video is better. Right now, phase 2 of our effort to prove that the Rooster Tail spinner is the World’s Most Versatile, Multi-Species Lure™ is underway. Angling teams across North America are recording catches on video. The footage will all be combined to create an epic visual account of the effectiveness of the Rooster Tail spinner. Can we do it? Watch and see.

Rooster Tail. The Proof.

Disclaimer: All photos shown were submitted to the Yakima Bait Facebook page following the guidelines detailed in the Rooster Tail Photo Contest Official Rules. Photos were submitted in accordance with the official rules and the information supplied by the entrant is deemed to be accurate. All photos have been reviewed to ensure they meet the conditions of the contest. While efforts have been made to correctly identify individual species, Yakima Bait Company, Inc. assumes no liability for incorrect species identification.