Yakima Bait Spin-N-Glo

Columbia River tributary Spring Chinook fishing can be awesome when you have the right equipment. This fish was caught on a #4 lime black silver wing Yakima Bait Spin-N-Glo. I start out by rigging a slider on my main with a 1-6oz pyramid or cannon ball weight tied to a eight inch dropper line.

The amount of weight I use depends on current speed and water depth I am fishing. This will keeps my weight in contact with the bottom. The Spin-N-Glo is buoyant and keeps your bait slightly off the bottom in the strike zone. Bank anglers will probably want to use a pyramid weight. This technic is referred to as plunking. Next, I put a rubber bead bellow the slider to protect the knot on my barrel swivel. I then tie a three foot leader with a 4/0 double hook setup and add my Spin-N-Glo and leader to the main line. Spin-N-Glow size and color can be very important as well. Water speed and turbidity are all factors when I choose from different sizes and color patterns. This presentation can be baited with a ball of cured salmon eggs or a plug cut herring. This tasty Springer crushed a ball of cured eggs and was one of the last fish we needed for our daily limit. Yakima bait Spin-N-Glo’s flat out put fish in the box!!