Hot Water Cornbread

One of my favorite is called “Hot-water Cornbread!” Made with cornmeal butter and hot water. Traditionally! Louisiana Soul Food.

.Followed by shaping into 1 inch or smaller thick patties ( my average patty is about 3 to 4 inches – still being around 1 inch in thickness ) fried lightly in your choice of healthy cooking oils – personally I like real 100% ghee made by @tinstarfoods aka #yum ( additionally it’s only made with those several ingredients I named above ) But one day I thought to myself why can’t I put #onion #shrip #crab or whatever in it well guess what? It works and it super easy to make but most of all super tasty!.Great with #soups #chowders or #salads use your imagination making many wonderful things possibly..This southern tradition is similar to what a lot of people call “Hush Puppies!”