SpinFish for Trout

By: Cody Herman, Day One Outdoors

For most anglers, our first introduction to fishing was made possible thanks to trout that were stocked at our local lakes and community ponds. As we progress in our fishing acumen, we expand too many other species and specific, detailed techniques.

Regardless if you are primarily a tournament bass angler, marlin fisherman or spend the winter months chasing steelhead in the rivers… we all revert back to, and enjoy, chasing trout! But why do most anglers not put forth the same effort and ingenuity into trout fishing as other fisheries? Yes, Powerbait works for trout…we all know. But what new techniques have emerged recently in this “gateway” angling experience for new and experienced anglers alike?

SpinFish, is a new rotating plug you may not have heard of. This lure quickly gained popularity amongst salmon anglers on the West Coast fishing the ocean, bays and rivers. The simplicity, and versatility of this lure helped countless anglers land coho and chinook alike for the past few years. Recently, Yakima Bait Company has expanded its offering of SpinFish to include sizes ideal for trout fishing! The new 2.0 and 2.5 sizes are a perfect expansion of a product line that already has proven results.

Trolling Tactics

Flat line, lead line, behind a diver, off of a downrigger, split shots, banana weights, planer boards…if you are trolling for trout, Spinfish should be in your arsenal. Versatility is what separates this lure from others. For any and all trolling applications, this lure flat out produces! Attention to detail in the design is what makes SpinFish unique. Because the lure has an empty body cavity, it has a near neutral buoyancy allowing for slow troll speeds with little to no drop unless weight is added. The reason for the negative space in the middle of the lure is to allow for the addition of bait and scent.

Unlike many other lures on the market, the SpinFish opens in the middle to be able to place an anglers favorite scent and/or bait inside the lure to make it even more productive! For trout and kokanee anglers, some of the most productive baits and scent include corn, worms, Powerbait or simply a cotton ball soaked with Yakima Bait Company’s “Rooster Tail Scent Spray” in the “Trophy Trout” flavor. All these baits and scents produce excellent results.

Rigging the SpinFish is simple and intuitive. You can choose between a right or left spin and simply tie on the Spinfish behind your terminal tackle as it comes pre-tied with a 2-Hook rig for an excellent hookup to land ratio!

Spinfish are new to the market and as such, new ways to use this effective and versatile lure are quickly coming to light. Pick up a 2.0 or 2.5 SpinFish at your local retailer and don’t forget to let us know about your fishing success!



Cody Herman

Day One Outdoors, LLC