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Mag Lip® Finesse 3.0


  • Alluring Skip-Beat Action Triggers Solid Hook-ups
  • Distinctive Colors Mimic Natural Forage
  • A Light-Line Favorite for Cast, Retrieve, Pause Presentations
  • Add a Suspend Dot to the Belly of the Lure for Ideal Slow Rise Presentation

Product Know-How

The Mag Lip Finesse is the first casting plug designed to match and out-produce soft plastic finesse presentations many bass anglers, particularly those in the Mid-West, rely on. Not only does the Mag Lip Finesse match the aquatic invertebrates and vertebrates bass love but offers the added benefit of quickly diving deep, exhibiting sonic vibration, and features a unique, all alluring skip-beat action when moved through the water column at slow retrieve speeds. According to distinguished Mid West fishing guide Clyde Holscher, “the action produced by the Mag Lip Finesse will surprise anglers in its effectiveness when employing the retrieve presentations popular among finesse anglers. Available in 2-1/2 inch (2.5) and 3-inch (3.0) sizes.

8 Available Finishes

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Available Sizes

  • 3.0


warning icon WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm.
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