Longtime fishing guide Clyde Holscher has been added to the pro staff team of Yakima Bait Company. Over the past few years Holscher has assisted the lure manufacturer in developing colors for their popular Rooster Tail and Vibric Rooster Tail spinners. Most recently Holscher has been consulting in the design and development of a new version of Yakima’s Mag Lip crankbait. The new lure, called the Mag Lip Finesse and available in two sizes, features the unique “skip-beat” action this plug is known for, along with the added feature of being a suspend crankbait available in unique finishes that mimic the preferred forage warm water specie devour.

“This is going to be a great crankbait for bass, perch, crappie and other fish,” said Yakima Bait president Dan McDonald. “Clyde has been instrumental in helping us implement design modifications to maximize this lure’s effectiveness for warm water fish. In addition, Clyde has an in-depth knowledge of how this lure works when fished correctly and only too happy to share this knowledge with fellow anglers.”

Holscher has been a professional fishing guide and the proprietor of Guide Lines Guide Service based in Topeka, Kansas since 1993 and is on the pro staff and field staff for several manufacturers in the fishing industry.