Christmas Gift Ideas

By: Mark Romanack

Merry Christmas from Yakima Bait Company. For those who have an angler on their gift giving list, Yakima Bait has something that will put a smile on the face of everyone who enjoys a tug on the end of a line. Pick out a few items for stocking stuffers or stock an entire tackle box. Yakima Bait products can be found at every major retailer coast to coast.

Rooster Tail

The iconic Rooster Tail in-line spinner comes in hundreds of sizes, blade types, colors and hook configurations. The one lure that catches just about everything with fins, choose from a wide variety of Rooster Tail spinners suitable for panfish, bass, walleye, trout, musky, pike, salmon and much more.

For those who are having a hard time deciding among the hundreds of Rooster Tail spinners available, the Rooster Tail Tackle Box Kits are crowd pleasers. Choose from 10 different species specific kits, each one comes with five popular spinner colors and a handy storage box.


The perfect complement to the Rooster Tail spinner is a bottle of Rooster Tail Spray Scent. Designed especially for use on lures that feature feather hackles or hair dressings, this spray on fish attracting scent product creates a natural scent stream in the water and while allowing the hackle to pulsate enticingly. Available in eight different formulas including Trophy Bass, Crappie Panfish, Garlic Plus, Garlic Nightcrawler, Trophy Trout, Trout Kokanee, Shrimp and Shad, a bottle or two makes for the perfect stocking stuffer.


The SpinFish is a pre-rigged rotating style cut plug with a twist. The two part body is hollow and designed to be filled with cut bait or natural scent products like Pro Cure Super Gel. The SpinFish can be fished clean behind in-line trolling weights, downriggers or diving planers or teamed up with attractors like the popular Yakima Bait Fish Flash, dodgers and paddle style flashers.

The three and four inch sizes are ideal for targeting chinook salmon, coho salmon and trophy lake trout. The two inch and two and a half inch models are the perfect choice for anglers after kokanee, stocked rainbow and brown trout. Available in dozens of proven fish catching colors, the SpinFish is red hot everywhere anglers troll for trout and salmon.


The Yakima Bait Mag Lip might well be the most popular trolling plug on the planet. The wide side-to-side wobble and loud rattles of the Mag Lip generate aggressive strikes from trout, salmon, smallmouth bass and walleye. In fact, walleye fishermen have become so attached to the Mag Lip, Yakima Bait recently introduced a whole new selection of “walleye specific” color options for the popular 3.0 and 3.5 plug sizes.

Anglers after walleye can now select from eight red hot colors including Firetiger/Silver Head, Rosemary, Metallic Gold/Black Pirate, Metallic Gold/Flame, Metallic Gold/Green Pirate, Metallic Perch, Metallic Rainbow Trout and Silver Clown.

These baits perform best on walleye when trolled in spring and summer once the water temperature hits 60 degrees. A brisk trolling speed ranging from 2.0 to 3.0 MPH typically brings out the most aggressive action in the Mag Lip.


Nothing is more effective at catching walleye than a nightcrawler harness. The Hildebrandt Hammer Time Walleye Spinner was designed by professional anglers to create the ultimate walleye spinner. Tied using premium No. 2 octopus hooks and 15 pound test fluorocarbon line, the leader is extra long so the Hammer Time Walleye Spinner can be trolled in open water for suspended fish or shortened up and fished on a traditional bottom walker sinker.

Available with legendary Hildebrandt No. 4, 5 or 6 size Colorado blades and 16 different fish catching colors, the Hammer Time Walleye Spinner also features a quick change clevis that makes it easy to switch out blade sizes or colors in seconds.


Flash attracts fish and nothing puts out more flash in a trolling pattern than the Big Al Fish Flash. This triangle shaped attractor spins on it’s own axis creating pulsations of fish attracting flash. Because Fish Flash spins instead of rotating in the water like traditional flashers, it creates more flash while at the same time producing less drag in the water.

Fish Flash comes in several sizes including four, six, eight and 10 inch models. The smaller four inch size is perfect for clear water trolling environments commonly encountered with trout and kokanee fisheries. The larger six and eight inch models are especially popular when fishing in lightly stained to murky waters and are very popular with chinook and coho salmon fishermen. The large 10 inch size is perfectly suited to deep water fishing situations for species such as trophy lake trout or when faced with dirty water conditions.

Fish Flash can be used with any lure that has it own action such as spinners, rotating plugs, wobbling plugs and spoons. Fish Flash can also be fished in combination with downriggers, diving planers, in-line trolling sinkers or sinking lines such as lead core. Available in dozens of fish producing color combinations, just a few of the hot selling colors include H&H High Tower, Blonde, Lime Bomb, High Octane and Chrome Killer.


Everyone at Yakima Bait would like to wish their loyal customers and tackle dealers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May the spirit of the season last all year long and may every fishing trip bring joy to you, your family and friends.